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turn left at the corner was founded in 1995 as a graphic design business. Projects have included yellow page ads in phone books, street maps (hence the name), financial reports, logo design, brochure design, interior book layouts, and book cover designs.


We have recently expanded to offer web development services. If you are looking for a custom web-based application for your business or a custom webpage or even just a tweak of your existing websites, we can help!



James specializes in web-based application development and creation. He has extensive experience working with database integration.


Need a custom app for your business? He'll build it right.

Aleta has over twenty years experience doing graphic design. She specializes in print graphics and keylining, but she's versatile. Just let her know your specific needs.


She has extensive experience designing and formatting books for both print and digital publication.

Web development and programming


Graphic design services

Have a question or need a quote? We're happy to help!


Just tell us about your project and let us know how you'd like to be contacted.

Web Development and Programming

James Clegg
Aleta Clegg

Graphic Design Services

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