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Web Development

Using the latest web technologies I build web applications that work on all your devices. 

In the past I have built applications for student housing, phone books, and geo codeing sales leads. 

Helping you run your business on your computer and your phone from anywhere


Web Presence Review

I will review your businesses presence on the web and suggest, if needed, ways improve.


Business Process Optimization

I evaluation of business processes and suggest ways to streamline, apply technology if needed. Allowing you to run the business faster, better and at a lower cost.

For example:

*Local Pages: Distribution from 2 months behind to 2  months ahead in just 2 months. After implementing my suggestions whey were 2 month ahead and needed 4 few employees to get the job done.

* Echo Pages Streamlined Customer service. I implemented ways for customers to make the changes to their ad without calling us or if they called us anyone who was working with them could enter changes on their behalf. 

* Phone Directories Co. Cleared Data Entry bottleneck . I implemented outsourcing of the some of the work, when they had more than they could handle, and they were never the bottleneck again.

* BYU Housing added Tracking to MyHousing Account. BYU didn't know who did what in My housing account. I added auditing allowing BYU to not only know who and when but what page they did it on. 



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Andrew Lund

I have known James Clegg for just over four years. He has been a boss, a peer, a teacher, a friend, a motivator and an inspiration. We have worked together for the better part of the four years we have been acquainted. Fist with James as my supervisor, then later, after we both transferred to other departments, as peers and coworkers on various projects. We also associate and have common interests outside of work.

James is an enthusiastic worker and instructor. When I first began at Phone Directories Co., I was all but computer illiterate. Now I can work competently in most types of programs in both the P.C. and Mac environments. I owe much of that improvement to James James is extremely competent at and enjoys problem solving. Whenever something in the company is not working smoothly, he can find a solution. If it is not a permanent one, it will hold the ship together until a permanent solution can be found and implemented.  Always looking to do what is best for the organization and the people in it, he is not shy about offering alternatives or options if he thinks they have been overlooked or may impact a decision. 

James has a great deal of energy. He gets more work done, and down well, in less time that most people I know. James is organized, though not in a traditional sense, and I have never known him to loose anything. He can handle multiple projects simultaneously. He is a good worker and good supervisor. He delegates well and activates high levels of potential from those around him. 

James will alway consider the needs of others. He is helpful and always thinking of what is best for people  I have always found him to be trustoworthy and open about what he feels is right or wrong. James is exceptionally responsible. He can keep confidences and may be trusted with people, information and fiduciary matters. When I entrusted anything to James, I sleep well at night.

I recommend James highly and without reservation. 

Michael Hurren

I have worked with James for the past 9 years in the publishing industry, first as a colleague at Phone Directories Company, and for the last 5 years as his Assistant Production Manager at Sunrise Publishing Group.  James is a good person to work with and for because he is always positive, has a great vision for the future and is willing to utilize his co-workers strengths and give credit where it is due.  He is a team player and does not elevate himself above those he manages.

Under James’ direction at Sunrise Publishing, our company built an entire innovative software solution for our industry, from the ground up, that handled everything in our business: sales, commissions, accounting, customer proofing, designer workflow, book production, etc.  The system enabled us to communicate effortlessly with remote employees and various offices across the country.  Also, during that time we produced dozens of high-quality books, all of which went to the press on time.

Nancy Hess

I have worked with James at Echo Pages for the past two years.  I found him to be an extremely dedicated person with a strong work ethic, integrity and a willingness to help the company in any way possible.  James is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.  He has successfully developed and maintained the operating software for our company as well as being the supervisor of the art and production areas. 

Though he was an asset to the production department, James was also extraordinarily helpful in all other areas of the company.  I highly recommend James for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. 

Kimball Broderick Distribution Supervisor

James Clegg worked for our company for several years.

James has a complete knowledge of the phone book industry and its production process. He has a broad range of skills and experience that helped our company while he was in our employ. James worked directly with my department in helping understand software issues and procedures, converting United States Postal information into readable formats, and other software instruction and training. James worked in the IT department and other areas of our production. He ensured our computer network and communication systems were available and functioning, tested new products and services.

I have full confidence in James Clegg, and in his loyalty.

I have no hesitation in recommending James Clegg!

Dan McNeece

James adapts quickly to new systems, having been tasked with rewriting the housing system. I feel James is a competent programmer and could become proficient as a PeopleSoft developer. James is honest, hard working, and would work well as a team member.

Rob Crawley Former President of Echo Pages

I have worked with James Clegg for eight years now. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met. When I started my company, he was one of the first people I hired because I knew that he would be crucial to the success of my company. I had worked with him for several years and Phone Directories Company and found him to understand the business more than anyone else in the organization. I asked for his help many times in trying to understand more efficient was to do my job at Phone Directories Company. When I hired him as Director or Production, It, and Software Development for Sunrise Publishing Group, Inc., he jumped right in and took ownership of his part of the company and hired the right people to make the production department successful. As we grew in sales over the years, the production department emerged as one of the most efficient in the industry. Our production costs were very low due to James and his efforts at automatic as many functions as possible in the production process.

James oversaw the design and development of our in house operating software. This software handled everything from sales management, lead management for our phone books, customer service, collections, planning, general company management and many more functions. Other publishers have seen our software and wanted to integrate some of our features into their software packages. James managed the design and development of a module that incorporates some of the key features of our in-house software that is currently being used by another very successful publisher.

James has integrity and is not afraid to do or say what is best for the organization regardless of the personal consequences. He has a very strong work ethic and is very organized. James would be a great addition to any team.

If anyone would like to find out more about James and his work ethics 

Joe Schaffer Sales Trainer

My association with James Clegg has permitted me to witness an individual highly skilled in IT matters. His knowledge and patience in dealing with subordinates promoted a deep respect for his management capabilities by both his peers and superiors. 

I have found his integrity and honesty to be beyond reproach. These qualities, coupled with a traditional work ethic, make James a highly valuable asset to any company he chooses to be employed by. 

I, along with many others has truly benefited from our association with James as I'm sure others will in the future.

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What People Say about James Clegg

With over 10 years of web development experience James Clegg will develop web applications customized to the way you want to do things. 

James Clegg has over 19 years of experience in publishing, web development, and management of publishing and distribution of phone books. His experience as a web developer at several companies and his years of working in and with Executive Management has made James a resource in all areas of business. From lead generation, through production and distribution, James' insight has proved exceptional.

James served on the executive staff of Echo Pages and was a company trouble-shooter for several publishers. With a strong background in computer, publishing, and web related technologies, he managed, developed, and implemented changing business processes made possible by new technology.

He entered the publishing Industry in August 1991 after the competing a degree in communications at BYU in Provo, Utah. James worked his way from a part-time ad designer to company trouble-shooter at Phone Directories, Co. After 12 years, James joined Echo Pages as its Director over Web Development, Production and IT, where he lead them in strategic development and long term planning. Most recently, James held the position of IT Manager and Quality Control at The Local Pages. While in the publishing industry, he developed a deep understanding of computer and network maintenance, web programming, bulk mail, sales tracking, process development, and growth logistics.

Now you can have his expertise working for you.

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